Saturday, 8 September 2012


Universal Metaltek offers a “turn-key” cost effective solutions to prepreg production, designed and engineered by tipton-Goss, which can be quickly and easily be utilized by start-
up “prepregers” and composite parts manufacturers.
Tipton-Goss offers the smoothest and most cost-effective entry into prepreg production through a combination of novel products and expertise unique in the industry:

• Novel and highly cost-effective prepreg fabric machine TG-50-F, TG-60 and Unidirectional Tape and Resin Filmers (TG-24-T – 1 meter)
• Complete engineering responsibility; (formulation, mixing, prepreg-processing)
• Mix equipment that is designed specifically to work in concert with Tipton-Goss machinery
• Over 20 years of experience in prepreg production
• Novel Resin formulating technologies scanning a broad range of technologies
• Working Showroom and training facility with all aspect of prepreg production
• Customers have the opportunity to train on actual prepreg production prior to machine delivery
• By passing unneeded reps., sourcing of all the materials necessary to be successful (All materials are
produced by top-level, certified, global suppliers)

The highlights of our offer are:
1) A full-service approach, from formulation through methods, sourcing and training (Our customers get much more than just equipment, they get a running production facility).
2) Compact and simple machinery, designed specifically for all types of users, with the option of upgrades necessary to satisfy the highest expectations from Space to Sporting Goods.

A prepreg production line grants users a number of key advantages:
- Development of exclusive products with very high performances to meet or exceed expectations
- A stable source of raw materials sourced to guaranty continued production
- Cost reduction by eliminating of the need to invest in large inventory and frozen storage
- Eliminate the dependence to work with difficult suppliers many of which are tight on capacity

The TG-50-F coater consists of a unitized structural steel frame, turret unwind, driven pull roll, two sided reverse roll coaters with hot melt feed plates, dual position auxiliary unwind and single position winder.
• Designed for limited maintenance
• Highest quality and domestically-sourced components
• Ergonomically designed
• Easy operator access and control features
• Bulletproof construction, extra thick side frames, oversized bearings

TG-1.1meter 43” UNI-TAPE MACHINE

The TG 1meter is Tipton-Goss’s novel 1meter unidirectional tape machine and filmer. It utilizes in-line film-coating for the resin-impregnation of unidirectional tape, up to 1 meter in width.
• Ideal for Developmental or Light-to-Moderate Production
• Designed for Limited Maintenance
• Highest-Quality, Domestically-Sourced Components
• “Bulletproof” Construction; Extra-Thick Side Frames and Oversized Bearings
• Ergonomically-Designed for Easy Operator Access and Control

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